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Room Layout

Room 1 Double, shared bath with Rm 2, Ceiling Fan, private sink
Room 2 Two twins, shared bath with Rm 1, A/C private sink
Room 3 King, private Bath, A/C
Room 4 Double, private Bath, ceiling Fan
Room 5 King, private bath, A/C
Room 6 Queen, private bath, A/C
Room 7 Double, private bath A/C
Room 8, 2 level suite, King, double pullout, kitchen, living room, deck, A/C
Room 9 Queen, private bath, A/C
Room 10, Queen, private bath, A/C
Room 11 Double, private bath, A/C
Room 12 Double & Twin, Shared Bath with 13 & 14, A/C
Room 13 Double & Twin, shared bath with 11 $ 14, A/C
Room 14 Doulbe & Twin, shared bath with 13 & 12, A/C
Room 15, Queen & tiwn, private bath, A/C
Room 16, Queen, private bath, A/C
Room, 17, Queen, private bath, A/C


Booking Sites



 1.12 Pohnpei